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Internet Connectivity

The institute is currently connected to the Internet via the German research and education network X-WIN,  provided and managed by the  DFN-Verein.

This service grants all employees of the institute access to the Internet and enables global services such as the world wide web, e-mail or secure terminal- and data-transfer applications.

Technically, the Internet router of the institute is connected via two redundant links to X-WIN routers at the University of Potsdam and TU Berlin.

The maximal bidirectional transfer rate granted by the existing contract is limited to 700Mbps (Regelanschluss I05). Outlook: starting 1. July 2018 capacity will be increased to 2 Gbps.

The range of official IPV4 addresses assigned to the institute  (PIK IPV4 address space) is available here [login required].

Monthly and annual Internet transfer statistics for the institute are available here.

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