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Cluster User Guides

Detailed descriptions and user guides for the IBM / Lenovo high performance cluster 2015 and the most important software tools.

Cluster Access

Accessing the cluster via interactive terminal (a.k.a. login) servers [log-in required].

Cluster Access - Read More…

Cluster File Systems

Parallel $TMP, $PPROJECT and $SYSTEM file systems. Standard $HOME and $PROJECT file systems. Accessing parallel file systems via remote network file system protocols [log-in required].

Cluster File Systems - Read More…

Submitting cluster jobs with SLURM

User documentation for the SLURM batch queuing system [log-in required].

Submitting cluster jobs with SLURM - Read More…

Software available on the cluster

An introduction to the environment modules software which provides straightforward dynamic modifications of cluster user environments [log-in required].

Software available on the cluster - Read More…

Intel FORTRAN, C, C++ Compiler and Tools

The complete set of user guides for the Intel compilers and tools installed on the cluster [log-in required].

Intel FORTRAN, C, C++ Compiler and Tools - Read More…

TotalView Debugger

User guides for the TotalView debugger for serial and parallel programs [log-in required].

TotalView Debugger - Read More…

Cluster Visualization Servers

Accessing and using the cluster visualization servers [log-in required].

Cluster Visualization Servers - Read More…

Initial Cluster Training Session

Slides and demo walkthroughs presented by Drs. Holthoff and Pospiech (Lenovo) at PIK in autumn 2015 [log-in required to view content].

Initial Cluster Training Session - Read More…

Python on HPC2015

An introduction to scientific computing with Python on HPC2015 (log-in required).

Python on HPC2015 - Read More…

Visualization Servers

Brief description of the two visualization servers integrated in the cluster [log-in required to view content].

Visualization Servers - Read More…

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