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Core IT Services

Identity management (user accounts and groups), print management: central print queues, printers, plotter, scanner & fax devices. Technical evaluation of IT procurements. Project server hosting. General server management. Software evaluation and software provisioning. Tools for software project management. IT consulting & IT security.

IT Procurement [Technical Evaluation]

The IT-Services group evaluates all IT related procurements (hardware, software, services) of the institute from an technical point of view while commercial and financial procedures are being managed by the Administration. [log-in required]

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Document Management - Print, Plot, Copy, Scan & Fax

Management of central print queues. Digital printers, plotters, copy machines, document scanners and fax devices are provisioned and managed jointly by IT-Services and PIK Administration. [log-in required]

Document Management - Print, Plot, Copy, Scan & Fax - Read More…

Virtual Project Server Hosting

Management of the server virtualization infrastructure of the institute. Virtual private servers (VPS) are provided for project groups upon request. [log-in required]

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Software Provisioning

Microsoft applications on servers. Unix/Linux applications on servers. Centrally administered scientific software and software license managers.

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Presentation Facilities

Rooms, media walls, projectors and monitors available for conferences and workshops [log-in required].

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