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The IT-Services group designs, builds and maintains the computer based infrastructure of the institute. Most importantly the group provides the technological platform for high performance scientific computing – the support and resources required for the development of numerical models, the execution of simulation experiments, the utilization of computer networks and the management of large and complex scientific data-sets for scientists employed by the institute and cooperation partners.

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Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Since its foundation, scientific policy advice and communicating scientific insights to society have been a central task and at the same time an important goal of PIK. For a number of years now, various transfer activities have contributed to increasingly making research results available to the business sector. As a result, PIK makes an important contribution to innovation and sustainable development.

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Climate & Weather Potsdam

Measurements series of Long-Term Meteorological Station Potsdam Telegraphenberg. The station's measurements series are representative for the surrounding region for various spatial and temporal scales.

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Info Desk

On this infothek you will find all sorts of information material on some global and climate change topics at different levels and history of Telegraphenberg.

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Local Library

Library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein

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