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Key results

The AMPERE report, titled Assessing Pathways toward Ambitious Climate Targets at the Global and European Levels, synthesizes the following key findings on global and European mitigation pathways:

(i) Global progress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades is crucial for achieving ambitious climate targets at low cost
(ii) Europe can signal the will for strong emissions reductions - with large climate benefits if others follow
(iii) Decarbonization holds challenges and opportunities for Europe

The AMPERE database, hosts the model results for work packages 2, 3, and 5, as well as the results from the model diagnostics project.

The results of the AMPERE project were collected as slide decks on the report topics, WP2, WP3 and WP5. When using the slide decks, please note the following terms of use: (i) slides and figures must not be altered without explicit written permission except for the purpose of abridging slide content, which permits the removal of text portions from slides, (ii) in no way should use of AMPERE slides or figures imply that the views presented in the slides reflect the views of the European Union.

Find a summary of AMPERE research and the results in brief by CORDIS.

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