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Acclimate People

Prof. Anders Levermann is Co-Chair of research domain Sustainable Solutions at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Professor at Physics Institute of Potsdam University and is responsible for the scientific administration of the global supply chain risk management tool Zeean.

Sven Willner is a physicist currently finishing his PhD supervised by Prof. Levermann. He co-developed the agent-based loss-propagation model Acclimate and created the first version of zeean. He advises the core zeean team in technical and scientific matters.

Dr. Leonie Wenz

Dr. Christian Otto
Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Jacob Schewe
Postdoctoral Researcher

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nicole Glanemann

Kilian Kuhla is a PhD student with Prof. Dr. Anders Levermann.

Dipl. Ing. Timon Graf is responsible as Project Manager for the operational administration of the Zeean project. As Environment Planner and with comprehensive experience in the field of Technology Transfer, he provides a gateway between research and practice to facilitate the development from scientific vision to actual product after successful validation. Besides project management, his main focuses include direct communication with potential customers, business model development, product application validation, market analysis and competition analysis.

Falk Wunderlich studied Physics at the TU Dresden and received his PhD for the analysis of photon emission in the vicinity of a critical point in the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter. He works within the Zeean project mainly on connecting Acclimate with Zeean Database System as well as on combining microeconomic data from individual companies with macroeconomic data on a regional and sectoral level.

Jiacheng Yao is Data Scientist and concentrates within our project on the Visualization component of the Zeean SCRM tool and on optimizing the scalability and computational performance of the models. His research interests lie in the applied fields of Machine Learning, particularly in large scale multivariate time series causality analysis.

Jan Wolfertz is a mathematician working on algorithm for the macroeconomic data.
He is interested in data forecast, data imputation and simulation of complex systems.

Anne Scheibe is Master Student in Geography at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. As student assistant, she supports the Zeean Team in the field of global adaptation strategies with specific regard to economic data research on a subnational level. Her research focus at the university is human behavior under extreme weather conditions.

Nadine Fischer is responsible for the administrative aspects of the project as project coodinator.

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