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Transformation Pathways

Climate Risks and Sustainable Development

The Research Domain explores the full spectrum of options for climate change mitigation and advises climate policy-makers, based on original research. Our analysis covers climate protection scenarios, the associated transformation of energy and land use, as well as its design and implement­ation through instruments and institutions. Strategies to adapt to climate change become an increasingly important part of the solution, and RD3 endeavours to analyse the scope for adaptation on a global scale.

Our research objectives are:

  • Identifying and evaluating transformation pathways that accomplish the necessary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for achieving long-term climate protection, with a focus on the transition of the energy and land-use system,
  • Developing a better understanding of regulatory regimes that implement the necessary mitigation measures on all levels (regional, national, international, global), and
  • Evaluating strategies for global adaptation to climate change, with special focus on the global production and supply network of goods and services.

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