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SimEnv Version History

Release Date
User Guide
- Support of PBS/Torque besides LoadL as a Distributed Resource Manager
- New maximum length of
-- a user-defined name (name of a model, variable, factor, coordinate, macro, operator, …)  old: 20, new: 64
-- a record of a user-defined file (edf, mdf, … file)  old: 160, new: 360
-- a resolved directory path w/o file name and the resolved SimEnv workspace  old: 109, new: 256
- General configuration file <model>.cfg:
-- New sub-keyword out_builtin_vars for controlling storage of built-in model variables to model output files
-- New sub-keywords nodata_value_byte, nodata_value_short, nodata_value_int, nodata_value_float, and nodata_value_double to define corresponding nodata values for model and post-processor output.
-- Changed representativeness of nodata values for float / real*4 and double / real*8 data types.
- New approach for optional result descriptors, defining result name, description, and unit
- NetCDF model and post-processor output files:
-- New NetCDF attribute description file <model>.ndf: This file allows for management of global and local attributes
-- Default attributes changed
- Structure of post-processor output files <model>.inf.[ ieee | ascii ] modified
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Experiment description file .edf:
Experiment types renamed
- New experiment type: Variance based global sensitivity analysis – GSA_VB:
Decompose variance at model output into linear or total effects of individual factors by applying Sobol’ method.
- New experiment type: Bayesian calibration – BAY_BC:
Reduce uncertainty about factor values by deriving a representative sample from factor prior distributions by taking into account measurement values from the system available for model – system intercomparison.
- Experiment type GSA_EE (formerly global sensitivity): The p-level grid is now constructed from equidistant quantiles of assigned distributions for each factor. Non-dimensionality of sensitivity measures allows for comparison across different output functions
- Experiment description file <model>.edf for experiment types with probabilistic / random sampling:
- - New sub-keywords sample_exclude and sample_include for defining intervals to use for probabilistic factor sampling
- - New probabilistic / random sampling method quasi based on Sobol’ low-discrepancy sequences
- - Sampling method random renamed to pseudo, sampling method Latin hypercube renamed to stratified
- - New sub-keyword seed with values [ fixed | random ] to initialize the random number generator
- GAMS model interface: New sub-keyword script in <model>.gdf for performing a shell script before running each GAMS model single run
- Post-processor:
- - General configuration file <model>.cfg: New sub-keyword display_values for displaying additionally the first values of each result during experiment post-processing
- - New advanced operators distr_par, mask_file, unmask_file, and usage
- - Experiment type DFD (formerly behaviour): Experiment specific operator “behav” renamed to “dfd”
- - Post-processing operators for experiment type UNC_MC are now also available for all the other experiment types
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Regular interface for Matlab models including simenv_slice
- Interface function simenv_slice now available for Python and Java models
- New sub-keyword slices in <model>.cfg for applying interface function simenv_slice in user models
- New sub-keywords include_runs and exclude_runs in <model>.cfg to flexibly define the set of single runs to be performed during an experiment
- Behavioural analysis (<model>.edf): control checking of the sample defined in an external file (specific comb file ) by additional keys strict and nonstrict
- New logfile policy for GAMS models
- Sub-keyword time_limit in <model>.gdf for GAMS models again active
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Model interface for Java
- SimEnv now available under Linux for the Intel Fortran compiler ifort
- New sub-keyword "factors_in_output" for <model>.cfg
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- SimEnv is now also available under Linux
- SimEnvVis V0.7 with new visualization techniques, among others graphical table, scatterplot matrix and icon-based visualization
- Support of experiments on multicore processor machines
- Environment variable SE_HOME relocated
old: /usr/local/simenv/bin
new: /usr/local/simenv
- New directory structure of SimEnv
- [ simenv | <model> ].jcf_[ dis | par | seq ] renamed to
[ simenv | <model> ]_[ dis | par | seq ]_[ aix | linux ].jcf
- [ simenv | <model> ].opt_opt renamed to
[ simenv | <model> ]_opt_options.txt
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Model interface for ASCII files:
Get in <model>.run an ASCII file with all factors and their adjusted values and transform ASCII model output directly into SimEnv model output.
- Matlab and Mathematica model interfaces:
Adjust the factors of a Matlab / Mathematica model and run the model by calling one dot script in <model>.run. Apply the model interface for ASCII files to put model output to SimEnv
- Renamed dot scripts:
py_model_ini renamed to simenv_ini_py
gams_model_ini renamed to simenv_ini_gams
gams_model_run renamed to simenv_run_gams
gams_model_end renamed to simenv_end_gams
- the following scripts are now dot scripts:
simenv_ini_py, simenv_ini_gams, simenv_end_gams
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- New experiment type Global Sensitivity Analysis:
Get a ranking of factors with respect to their global sensisivity to a model output by qualitative measures.
- Stopping rule for Monte Carlo experiment:
Define a result stopping function in <model>.edf to be used in a stopping rule to exit the experiment before the stated number of single runs is reached.
- Set and export the environment variable NETCDFHOME in your file .profile if you link interfaced Fortran/C/C++ models by $SE_HOME/simenv_mod_<lng>.lnk
Value for AIX: /usr/local/lib
- Post-processor operator get_data now also available for NetCDF data files
- For conformity reasons with the literature the term “target” is replaced by “factor” througout the whole system. In particular, replace the keyword “target” by “factor” and the sub-keyword “adjusts” by “sample” in the experiment description files <model>.edf.
- According to the above new terminology argument items in the first argument of the post-processor operators behav, sens_*, lin_*, sym_* are renamed
- Factor sample file <model>.edf_adj, generated during experiment preparation renamed to <model>.smp
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Experiment preparation and performance:
- - Unification and simplification of target adjustments. Target adjustment values adj_val are sampled to <model>.edf_adj as specified in <model>.edf and are modified within simenv_get_* by the target default value in a unique manner according to the target type. Special rules for Monte Carlo and local sensitivity analysis are unnecessary furtheron.
- - Introduction of an additional adjustment type = relative:
adjusted_target value = (1.+adj_val)*target_def_value
- Experiment performance controlled by LoadL:
- - Experiment single runs now can be distributed to all processors of a job class, exploiting in the course of the experiment the free proces-sors of the class in an optimal manner.
- Wildcard operands for the experiment post-processor:
- - Apply successively a result expression to all model output variables and/or experiment targets by using wildcard operands.
- SimEnv runs now in the Bourne shell sh:
Update the first line in .run and .rst accordingly
- The whole operating system environment necessary for SimEnv is set within SimEnv. The dot script simenv.env is now dispensable.
- - Exception (include in $HOME/.profile):
export SE_HOME=/usr/local/simenv/bin (default)
export PATH=$SE_HOME:$PATH (optional)
- Operating system environment variables now can be used when specifying directories in user-defined files and as arguments in post-processing operators
- Files renamed:
- - in $SE_HOME:
simenv_mod_inc.[ f | c ] to simenv_mod_[ f | c ].inc
simenv_opr_inc.[ f | c ] to simenv_opr_[ f | c ].inc
<model>_inc.[ f | c | py | sh ] to <model>_[ f | c | py | sh ].inc
- - in the current workspace:
simenv.[ jcf_par | jcf_seq | opt_opt ] to <model>.*
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Semi-automated model interface:
- - Generate automatically during experiment preparation an up-to-date model source code include file for getting experiment targets
- Composed post-processing operators:
- - <model>.odf now enables definition of composed operators for experiment post-processing.
- <model>.odf:
- - Changed declaration of argument numbers
- <model>.cfg:
- - Sub-keyword "out_size_threshold" replaced by "out_separation"
- - Sub-keyword "distributed" replaced by "structure"
- - Sub-keyword "out_ieee_blocksize" removed
- <model>.[cfg|edf|gdf|mac|mdf|odf] and coordinate transformation file:
- - Keyword "[cfg|edf|gdf|mac|mdf|odf|trf]" renamed to "general"
- Fortran/C/C++ model interface and operator interface:
- - Include files simenv_[mod|opr]_[f|c].[icl|h] renamed
- GAMS model interface:
- - In <model>.run insert now $SE_HOME/gams_model_run as a dot script (see Glossary) instead of calling it as a shell script
- Operating system environment variables under Unix:
- - Dot script simenv.env can be used to set all environment variables necessary for SimEnv or
- - Prefix PATH by /usr/opt/ssh2/bin:/usr/sbin:
- - PYTHONPATH re-adjusted
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- SimEnv under Linux:
- - SimEnv is now available under SUSE-Linux on Intel-based platforms and compatibles
- Result post-processing:
- - New operators get_data and regrid
- File <model>.mdf:
- - Sub-keyword "var_extents" renamed to "index_extents"
- Scripts <model>.run and <model>.rst:
- - Include always as first line
- - - #! /bin/ksh (for Unix)
- - - #! /bin/bash (for Linux)
- New SimEnv-internal environment variable SE_OS
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Status of an active simulation experiment:
- - Can now be acquired from any simulation experiment
- User-defined operator interface:
- - Now also available for C/C++ user-defined operators
- - Interface function names have been changed
- Model and user-defined opertor interfaces:
- - Additional used symbols are documented for Fortran and C/C++ models / user-defined operators
- Visual model evaluation:
- - Support of block-structured grids
- - Visualization technique "Parallel Coordinates" now implemented
- SimEnv file wrap-up:
- -Service simenv.cln deletes now files exactly according the settings in <model>.cfg
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Experiment performance: Unused targets, undefined model output
- - Targets that are not interfaced to the model (by simenv_get) and total or partial unwritten model output to SimEnv data structures (by simenv_put) are logged to <model>.mlog with a warning
- Experiment performance: additional log-file <model>.nlog
- - Model native terminal output is now redirected to <model>.nlog
- - <model>.mlog and <model>.nlog are now organized that all information for one single run is lumped together.
- Experiment performance: GAMS models
- - An additional native single run related log-file <model>.nlog is stored in the sub-directory run<run_char>
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Mandatory operating system environment variable PYTHONPATH:
- - Specify it according to page 7 in the User Guide
- New sub-keyword "distributed" in <model>.cfg:
- - enable model output to data structures for distributed models
- Post-processing:
- - Modified structure of results enables now optional specification of a result description and unit
- Post-processing:
- - Optional direct result-by-result visualization
- Post-processing:
- - New arguments for operators classify, hgr, hgr_e, hgr_l
- - Operator stat renamed to stat_full, new operator stat_red
- - New operator move_avg for multi-dimensional moving averages
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- New experiment type Optimization:
- - Minimize a cost function that is composed from model output and consequently depends on experiment targets over a bounded target space by a simulated annealing method.
- Major improvements in visual result evaluation
- Introduction of a result coordinate transformation file to incorporate external results from the operator get_experiment into post-processing for the current model
- <model>.gdf: new sub-keyword "time_limit" for keyword "gdf"
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Post-processor local sensitivity analysis:
- - Sensitivity, linearity, and symmetry operators implemented
- <model>.cfg: new sub-keyword visualization for keyword postproc
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- New sub-keyword "options" for GAMS model description file <model>.gdf
- Changes in structure of result output file <model>.res<res_char>.[ieee|ascii]
- - This file is now complemented by a structure description file <model>.inf<res_char>.[ieee|ascii]
- Description of model interface for C++ models
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- Model runs can now be performed in any directory
- New operating system environment variable SE_WD
- Modified interface for GAMS models and file <model>.gdf
- New sub-keyword message_level for <model>.cfg
- Bug fixes
User Guide
- First major release

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