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Summary Report No. 99

KLARA – Klimawandel – Auswirkungen, Risiken, Anpassung

M. Stock (Hrsg.) (July 2005)

The regional study KLARA, an acronym for ‘Climate change - impacts, risks, Adaptation’, presents results of investigations on different areas of potential vulnerability for the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

The areas covered are:
1. Analysis of vulnerabilities
2. Regional climate change in Baden-Württemberg
3. Possible impacts on human health
4. Impacts on agriculture including fruit-growing and viticulture
5. Impacts on forestry
6. Possible chances for tourism in the summer
7. Impacts on nature, in particular ornithology
8. Impacts on river navigation and use of hydropower
9. Development of extreme events with high damage potential

An essential objective of the study is the identification of impact-reducing measures of adaptation in the areas considered.


Complete document (11.0 MB)

Stock, M., Walkenhorst, O., Haße, C.: Verwundbarkeit Baden-Württembergs im Klimawandel

Gerstengarbe, F.-W., Werner, P. C., Österle, H., Wodinski, M.: Klimatische Belastungen und Extreme

Koppe, C., Jendritzky, G., Holst, T.: Gesundheitsgefahren

Wechsung, F., Krysanova, V., Hanspach, A., Menzel, L., Kartschall, T., Wolff, M., Wodinski, M., Stock, M.: Landwirtschaft, Obst- und Weinbau

Suckow, F., Lasch, P., Badeck., F.-W., Hauf, Y.: Forstsektor

Wolff, M., Walkenhorst, O., Stock, M.: Tourimus

Peintinger, M., Fiedler, W., Bauer, H.-G., Schuster, S.: Naturschutz

Menzel, L.: Schifffahrt und Energieerzeugung

Kottmeier, C., Kunz, M., Hofherr, T., Lichtenberger, N., Sander, J.: Meteorologische Ereignisse mit großem Schadenspotenzial

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