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Project Members and External Cooperations

Project Coordinator: PIK, Potsdam

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf (Project Leader)
Brigitta Krukenberg (Project Assistant)

Dr. Reinhard Calov (Greenland ice sheet)
Dr. Dim Coumou (atmosphere)
Dr. Andrey Ganopolski (cryosphere and oceanic circulation)
Dr. Matthias Hofmann (marine carbon pump)
NN (land carbon cycle)
Prof. Dr. Anders Levermann (Antarctic ice shelves)
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Petoukhov (atmospheric and oceanic physics)
Dr. Kirsten Thonicke (atmosphere-biosphere interaction and fire regimes)


IFM-GEOMAR Leibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften, Kiel
Prof. Dr. Andreas Oschlies (Biogeochemical Cycles in the Oceans)
Prof. Dr. Ulf Riebesell (Marine Ecosystems)
Dr. Kai Schulz (Oceanic Acidification)
Lena Gieschen (PHD Student)

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt/Main
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Achatz (Atmospheric Dynamics, former Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik, Kühlungsborn)

External Cooperations:

Columbia University, New York (USA)
Prof. Mark Cane

University of Chicago (USA)
Prof. David Archer

University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK)
Prof. Dr. Corinne Le Quére

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