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TiPI - Tipping Point Interactions

The project objective is to analyse the interactions of the most important tipping points in the climate system

By investigating tipping point interactions in a comprehensive global earth-system-model of intermediate complexity we hope to gain a better understanding about the stability properties of:

  • continental ice sheets - with special focus on the stability of the Greenland ice and its interactions with the atmospheric and oceanic circulation
  • atmospheric circulation - particularly with regard to interactions of large spatial circulation modes (Hadley- and Walker-Circulation, Monsoon) with land-vegetation and ocean circulation
  • ocean circulation, in particular its interactions with the Greenland ice, the atmospheric circulation modes and the carbon circulation, including methane hydrates in the sea bed
  • land biosphere - with focus on interactions between the vegetation and the atmospheric circulation (Amazon, Sahel/Sahara, Indian Monsoon)
  • marine biosphere - interactions between life in the oceans and the marine carbon pump, the atmospheric circulation (upwelling zone) and the oceanic circulation (deep water formation) are investigated here






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This project is funded by the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft as part of the framework: 'Pakt für Forschung'


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