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PIK eXtensible Database & Access Tools
Project speaker:M. Wrobel
Project members:H. Österle, M. Flechsig, F.-W. Gerstengarbe, A. Glauer, C. Rachimow, P.C. Werner

Appropriate data management for modelling purposes in Earth System Analyses involves several complex tasks, ranging from compilation and quality insurance to efficient, requirement driven access to relevant data pools.
Consequently, this project aims to


continuously expand PIK's meteorological database by data acquisition, regularly update the data currently available, and to homogenize and, if necessary, reconstruct relevant data.
To this end, statistical techniques are applied, improved and developed.


provide the modelling community with a data management tool, enabling them to access complex multi-dimensional data pools and to process, visualize and download them in a flexible and intuitive manner.
Based on a data warehouse approach, a generic data model has been implemented which can hold gridded and polygonal data in various spatio-temporal resolutions.

Together with the point data approach already established at PIK, this project covers management and utilization of major data structures for simulation model identification, validation, evaluation, and result dissemination.

Project PIXDAT is part of Research Domain IV - Transdisciplinary Concepts and Methods and is operated by the Data & Computation Department.

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