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C-QUEST publications

C-QUEST publications

In press

Scheffer, M., Brovkin, V., Cox, P., Positive feedback between global warming and atmospheric CO2 concentration inferred from past climate change, Geophys. Res. Lett., in press

Brovkin, V., Climate-Biosphere Feedbacks. In: Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, Elsevier, in press

Friedlingstein, P., et al. Climate–carbon cycle feedback analysis, results from the C4MIP model intercomparison. Journal of Climate, in press

Clark, P.U., Pollard, D., Blum, J.D., Rial, J., Brovkin, V., Pisias, N.G., Roy, M., The Mid-Pleistocene Transition: Characteristics, Mechanisms, and Implications for Long-Term Changes in Atmospheric pCO2, Quaternary Science Reviews, submitted


Brovkin, V., Claussen, M., Driesschaert, E., Fichefet, T., Kicklighter, D., Loutre, M.-F., Matthews, H. D., Ramankutty, N., Schaeffer, M., Sokolov, A., 2006: Biogeophysical effects of historical land cover changes simulated by six Earth system models of intermediate complexity, Climate Dynamics, doi: 10.1007/s00382-005-0092-6.

Brovkin, V., House, J.I., DeFries, R.S., 2006:  New Assessment Focuses on Ecosystems, Human Well-Being, and the Climate System. EOS TRANSACTIONS, vol. 87, no. 5, p. 50.

House, J. I., Brovkin, V., et al., 2006: Climate and air quality, in Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Current State and Trends, Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Scenarios, Volume 1, Findings of the Scenarios Working Group of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Island Press, Washington, Covelo, London, Pp. 357-390.

Jahn, A., Claussen, M., Ganopolski, A., and Brovkin, V., 2005: Quantifying the effect of vegetation dynamics on the climate of the Last Glacial Maximum, Climate of the Past, 1, 1–7, 2005,, SRef-ID: 1814-9332/cp/2005-1-1.

Claussen, M., Brovkin, V., Calov, R., Ganopolski, A., and Kubatzki, C. 2005: Did humankind prevent a Holocene glaciation? Comment on Ruddiman’s Hypothesis of a Pre-Historic Anthropocene. Climatic Change 69: 409–417.

Tarasov, P., Brovkin, V., and Wagner, M., 2005: What Drives the Climate: Man or Nature? PAGES Newsletter 13(2) 24-25.

Sitch, S., V. Brovkin, W. von Bloh, D. van Vuuren, B. Eickhout, and A. Ganopolski, 2005: Impacts of future land cover changes on atmospheric CO2 and climate, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 19, GB2013, doi:10.1029/2004GB002311.

Brovkin, V., Sitch, S., von Bloh, W., Claussen, M., Bauer, E.,  Cramer, W., 2004. Role of land cover changes for atmospheric CO2 increase and climate change during the last 150 years. Global Change Biology 10, 1253–1266.

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