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Project Members of AO-Quest

Current Members

Holger Braun

Heiko Goelzer

Anders Levermann

Stefan Rahmstorf

Jacob Schewe

Maik Stöckmann

Silvia Volkwardt


Former Members

Andreas Born
(NERSC, Bergen, Norway)

Alexa Griesel
(Institute of Oceanography
University of Hamburg, Germany)

Till Kuhlbrodt
(University of Reading, UK)

Juliette Mignot
(LOCEAN, Paris, France)

Susanne Nawrath
(Klimahaus Bremerhaven, Germany)



Juliette Mignot
(LOCEAN, Paris, France)

Marisa Montoya
Fidel González Rouco
(UCM, Madrid, Spain)

Anny Cazenave
(LEGOS, Toulouse, France)

Andreas Born
Ben Marzeion
(NERSC, Bergen, Norway)

Paul Falkowski
Miriam Katz
(Rudgers University, New Jersey, USA)

Martin Visbeck
(IfM-Geomar, Kiel, Germany)

Ralph Keeling
(Scripps, San Diego, USA)

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