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Topic list for potential master theses or internships

You want to write your master thesis in the landuse group of PIK? Or you want to stay for a longer internship? Please contact us!

Below you find a list of potential topics within the Landuse Group. If you get in contact, we might also find together further interesting topics. Due to the complexity of the subject, we can only offer internships for 6 months or more, and master thesis supervision for 6 - 12 months. Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment for the internships or master thesis.

Where does this number come from? 

Science needs to be transparent and reproducible! When working with several data sources and various calculations - as we do - one can easily loose track of how a final result was actually derived. We have some ideas on how to automatically keep track of all of it and make not only our research but also the research of others more accessible. Do you want to help shaping research more towards transparency and reproducibility?
Required Skills:
Abstract thinking and solid programming skills in R. Contact: Dr. Jan Philipp Dietrich

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