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Special Issue of the journal "Earth System Dynamics"

Jonathan Donges, Axel Kleidon of MPI Jena and Wolfgang Lucht, together with PIK's COPAN project and the Stockholm Resilience Centre's Planetary Boundaries programme, have organised a Special Issue of the EGU-sponsored ISI journal "Earth System Dynamics" entitled

It is now open for submissions (and will be for the next 2 years).

There is a list of solicited papers we are organising but we warmly welcome submissions also from other authors. If you are interested, it would be great to hear of your potential plans, as then we can keep track of expected papers (but this is not mandatory).

Topics to be covered are:

  • Earth and social systems thermodynamics and stoichiometry (e.g., socio-industrial metabolism)
  • Socio-ecological systems modelling
  • Conceptual, empirical, or agent-based models from the social sciences
  • Adaptive and temporal networks
  • Dynamical and evolutionary game theory
  • Quantifications of planetary boundaries
  • Guest Editors: W. Lucht, J.F. Donges, A. Kleidon, S. Cornell, J. Dyke, and M. Sivapalan
  • Timeline: 01 May 2014 – 30 Apr 2016

Further information on ESD website

Papers go online as formatted pdfs (discussion papers) when they have been accepted as submissions, so your results will be documented, citable and freely accessible already during peer review. If your paper passes review, the revised version will appear in the peer-reviewed, open access ESD journal. At least for 2014, publication charges have been waived.

Our intent with this Special Issue is to explore opportunities for advancing the modelling of social dynamics in the context of Earth system modelling.

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