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Current highlights

Special Issue in Earth System Dynamics

ESD cover

We have organized a Special Issue entitled “Social dynamics and planetary boundaries in Earth system modelling” in the increasingly highly reputed, ISI-listed journal Earth System Dynamics (ESD), published by the European Geosciences Union . The aim is to collect a number of forward-looking papers that consider including social dynamics taking place within the Earth system in future models, with a particular attention to planetary boundaries (e.g., defining and quantifying such planetary boundaries, consequences and preconditions for staying within or transgressing these).

  • Timeline: 2014 – 2017
  • Guest editors: W. Lucht, J. Donges, A. Kleidon, S. Cornell, J. Dyke, M. Sivapalan, and J. J. Finnigan

Session on "Earth resilience" at Resilience 2017 ConferenceStockholm Waterfront

21 23 August 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Topic: Earth resilience at Resilience 2017 Conference

Earth resilience can be viewed as the capacity of the Earth system to sustain a good life for everybody on the planet. Earth resilience depends on Earth system dynamics on a planetary scale, especially feedbacks between the biosphere and the physical environment as well as the complex adaptive dynamics of social systems that are entwined with the planetary ecosystem. Developing better ways of combining and applying knowledge about these social-ecological dynamics of the Earth system is fundamental to identifying the opportunities, constraints and risks of today’s globalized change in the Anthropocene. We aim to generate a transdisciplinary understanding of Earth resilience including its persistence, adaptation and transformation aspects, bringing together emerging social, ethical/philosophical and environmental perspectives.

LOOPS-3 2017 WorkshopPIK Trefoil Building

25  26 January 2017, Potsdam, Germany

Topic: Transformative change and social-ecological resilience in the World-Earth system: modeling, concepts and data

(back to back with the Earth League Symposium on “Transformation now!”, January 23 – 24, 2017)

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