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LPJ & LPJmL Versions & registration

LPJmL version 4.0

LPJmL version 4.0 as described by Schaphoff et al. 2018a and evaluated by Schaphoff et al. 2018b is freely available under the AGPLv3 license. You are very welcome to download the code at PIK's gitlab server at Please note that there is absolutely no support for anything, including inputs, setup etc. unless additional resources can be provided to us. In that case, please get in touch to discuss details.

LPJ Version 3: with and without managed lands

Language: C. Main development period: 2005-. Citations to refer to the code: Sitch et al. 2003; Gerten et al. 2004, Bondeau et al. 2007 (LPJmL with agriculture only); Rost et al. 2008 (LPJmL with agriculture only).


The most up-to-date version of LPJ from PIK. We recommend it as the version to use in your scientific studies. It does not contain the agricultural module. Please ask for correct citation, as this version is continuously being updated. We do not provide input datasets. Register to download here.

LPJmL_v3.2 and later 3.x versions

The most up-to-date versions of LPJmL including the agricultural modules. We currently do not distribute this code. If you feel that your application is urgent and important, feel free to contact us about possible longer-term, close collaboration in dedicated projects.

Register for application here.


After registration, you will be able to download the original LPJ Dynamic Global Vegetation Model code version 3.1 or apply for a cooperation with PIK for work with the LPJmL Dynamic Global Vegetation Model with managed land version 3.2 or higher.

Registration is free of charge. User data will be stored only to allow for communication of recent developments and/or model bug fixes.

After registration you will NOT be able to use any PIK computing resources.

Register to download here.

LPJ Version 2.1 and 2.2: LPJ-GUESS

Language: C++. Main development period: 2000-.

LPJ-GUESS is developed and maintained at Lund University, Sweden. Please contact collaegues there (Benjamin Smith) for possible access to the code. Note the educational version of LPJ-GUESS intended for use on intermediate to advanced university courses. Windows installer available for download from


This is the original testbed for the development of the LPJmL agricultural model as published by Bondeau et al. (2007). We do not distribute it but can provide the code upon request for evaluatory purposes only.


LPJ Version 1: The Original

Language: Fortran-77. Main development period: 1997-2004. Citations to refer to the code: Sitch et al. (2003); Gerten et al. (2004).


The originally published LPJ version used in Sitch et al. (2003). We provide this version of LPJ only for evaluatory purposes. It features a frequently too low water stress on vegetation due to insufficient formulations in the water balance. For scientifc applications we recommend to use the updated version LPJ_v1.2 (2004) if not the latest version, LPJ_v3.1.


The latest and (at least from PIK) last version of LPJ in Fortran, including the updated hydrology of Gerten et al. (2004). We provide this version of LPJ only for evaluatory purposes. For scientifc applications we recommend to use the latest version, LPJ_v.3.

Request LPJ_v1.1 or LPJ_v1.2 here.

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