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Name Expertise
Albrecht, Torsten PostDoc Antarctic ice shelf modeling
Asay-Davis, Xylar PostDoc Coupled Simulations of Antarctic Ice-Sheet/Ocean Interactions
Barfuss, Wolfram PhD student Exploring the safe and just operating space with stylized models of planetary social-ecological co-evolution
Beckmann, Johanna PhD student Assessment of the Greenland glacial system and future sea-level rise
Beringer, Almut Guest Scientist Earth system changes from a protestant perspective / theological rationale on social-ecological transformation towards sustainability
Brovkin, Victor Guest scientist Carbon cycle, Earth System modelling
Brugger, Julia PhD student Modeling changes in climate and vegetation leading to past and future mass extinctions
Bues, Andrea SRU Referee/PhD student SRU Referee for Wolfgang Lucht and PhD student
Caesar, Levke PhD student Development of the new Earth-system model POEM, Physics of the ocean
Calov, Reinhard Senior scientist Ice sheet modeling, stability of ice sheets
Ciemer, Catrin PhD student Ph.D. IRTG student
Coumou, Dim Senior scientist Development of the atmospheric component of the next-generation Earth System model POEM
Di Capua, Giorgia PhD student Atmospheric circulation and extreme weather events
Donges, Jonathan PostDoc Complex networks, dynamic of socio-economic systems, nonlinear dynamics and time series analysis, application of these methods to climate physics and earth system analysis
Drüke, Markus PhD student IRTG student, Climate feedbacks from changes in fire-vegetation interactions in South-America
Fan, Jingfan PostDoc Climate Networks, Climate Changes, Statistical Physics and Complex Systems
Feldmann, Johannes PostDoc Ice sheet modeling of different regions of West Antarctica
Feulner, Georg Deputy co-chair,
Senior scientist
Deputy co-chair of Research Domain 1; deep-time paleoclimate modelling; development of the new Earth-system model POEM
Forkel, Matthias Guest scientist
Gädeke, Anne PostDoc Permafrost, linkages between climate, cryosphere and hydrology
Ganopolski, Andrey Senior Scientist Climate modeling, ocean circulation, abrupt climate change, glacial cycles
Garbe, Julius PhD student Antarctic ice sheet modelling, sea-level change
Gerten, Dieter Senior Scientist Global water scarcity and management; water and land planetary boundaries; LPJmL model coordination; integration of ethical/cultural perspectives in earth system modelling; climate impacts on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
Hansen, Gerrit Guest Scientist Interaction of climate and other global change drivers, with a view to sustainable development and resilient transformation pathways
Heck, Vera Guest Scientist Terrestrial carbon dioxide removal strategies: simulations of large-scale
anthropogenic interferences in biogeochemistry
Hoff, Holger PostDoc Water scarcity and ecosystem services under climate change (MENA and SSA regions); water-food-energy nexus; resilience
Hofmann, Matthias Senior scientist Physics and biogeochemistry of the ocean
Huiskamp, Willem PostDoc Ocean modelling and paleoclimate
Köllner, Gitta Team Assistant RD1-Assistant (support)
Kornhuber, Kai PostDoc Climate Change and Extreme Events
Kretschmer, Marlene PostDoc Climate Change and Extreme Events
Krukenberg, Brigitta RD1-Assistant Administrative coordinator for RD1, personal assistant to Wolfgang Lucht and Stefan Rahmstorf
Langerwisch, Fanny PostDoc Amazonia, carbon fluxes, land-water-interaction
Lehmann, Jascha PostDoc Storm track changes and implications in respect to extreme weather events
Lucht, Wolfgang Co-Chair, Senior Scientist Co-Chair of Research Domain I; Conceptualisation of environmental change metrics and trade-off analyses; blueprints for earth system analyses in the Anthropocene
Ludescher, Josef PostDoc El Niño prediction
Matthias, Vivien Postdoc Atmospheric Modeling
Mengel, Matthias Postdoc Gyre stability
Metzke, Daniel Scientific Employee Further development and operationalization of Planetary Boundaries
Müller-Hansen, Finn Guest Scientist Applied Sustainability Science (MCC)
Ostberg, Sebastian PostDoc Climate impacts upon the biosphere beyond 2K global warming; joint climate and land use change effects
Otto, Ilona Senior Scientist Conceptualizing and modeling of social-ecological systems
Perrette, Mahé PhD student Probabilistic sea-level projections, developing a model for the outlet glaciers / fjord system of the Greenland ice-sheet
Petoukhov, Vladimir Senior scientist Dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean, theory of climate, statistical-dynamical climate modeling, climate system feedbacks, palaeoclimate
Petri, Stefan Senior scientist Implementing complex numerical algorithms for simulations of the Earth System
Rahmstorf, Stefan Co-Chair, Senior scientist Co-Chair of Research Domain I; Past and present role of the oceans under climate change
Rammig, Anja Guest scientist Climate-induced Amazon dieback, climate extremes and European ecosystems
Reese, Ronja PostDoc Unstable ice front and it's future role in sea level rise for Antarctica.
Rousi, Eftychia PostDoc Climate Change, Climate Extremes, Synoptic Climatology, Atmospheric Circulation, Teleconnection Patterns.
Sakschewski, Boris PostDoc Modelling biodiversity in the dynamic global vegetation model LPJmL
Schaphoff, Sibyll Senior Scientist Permafrost and soil carbon dynamics; pattern-scaling of climate change scenarios; vegetation and carbon cycle dynamics under climate change; LPJmL model evaluation and development
Schlemm, Tanja PhD student Comparison of calving laws on the basis of paleoclimate simulations of Antarctica
Seaby,Lauren PostDoc Freshwater-related hazards of climate change
Sietz, Diana PostDoc Socio-ecological systems under global change
Stenzel, Fabian PhD student Geophysical modeling on large clusters, visualization, plate tectonics, fluid dynamics
Thonicke, Kirsten Deputy co-chair,
Senior scientist
Deputy co-chair of Research Domain I; Disturbance and especially fire ecology, human impacts on fire regimes, fire modelling in DGVMs, paleoclimate fire regimes, coupling fire into vegetation-climate models
Totz, Sonja PhD student Climate Change and Extreme Events
von Bloh, Christine Scientific RD Coordination RD1 science coordination: i.a. External funding, doctoral supervision, reporting, RD event management
von Bloh, Werner Senior scientist Geophysiological modelling, minimal models of the climate vegetation interaction, long-term evolution of the geosphere-biosphere system, habitability of earth-like planets
Werner, Constanze Junior Scientist Analyzing the potential, side- and synergy effects in respect to mitigation and sequestration of atmospheric carbon via biomass carbonation
Willeit, Matteo PostDoc Major transitions in Quaternary climate
Winkelmann, Ricarda Junior Professor Antarctic ice sheet modelling, sea-level change
Wunderling, Nico PhD student Ph.D. IRTG student Interactions and feedbacks of tipping elements in the Earth system
Zeitz, Maria PhD student Greenland ice sheet modeling

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