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Research Areas and Flagship Projects in RD1

RD1 research is conducted in three research areas with six flagship projects.


gletcher150x150 Research Area: Understanding the Past

Flagship Project MegaRun Glacial Cycles of the Quaternary (Andrey Ganopolski)
Flagship Project ACE Ancient Climates on Earth (Georg Feulner)


See350x350 Research Area: Stability and Transitions

Flagship Project AnthrOIA Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene (Stefan Rahmstorf, Anders Levermann)
Flagship Project ECOSTAB Ecosystem Stability and Transitions (Kirsten Thonicke)


blatt280x280 Research Area: Towards a Comprehensive View of the Earth System Models

Flagship Project OPEN Planetary Opportunities and Planetary Boundaries (Dieter Gerten)

Flagship Project COPAN Coevolutionary Pathways (Jonathan Donges)


NEXT Earth System Model Development (Georg Feulner)



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