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RD1 Young Scientist Seminar

The 2016 RD1 Young Scientists Seminar series will start in April. Each PhD student will present and discuss her/his research work at least once in a year. This is a opportunity for each student to practice presentations, to discuss problems of her/his research tasks, train skills and even to get new contacts. The students can perform a test disputation as well as presenting the PhD concept. The seminar is open to everyone at PIK.

DATE: Tuesdays
TIME: 11:30 - 13:00 a.m. (30-45 minutes presentation followed by discussion)
PLACE: Building A62, third floor conference room
CONTACT: C. von Bloh


DatePhD StudentPresentationTitle
18.01.2017 RD1-SD Finn Müller-Hansen Work in progress Patterns of land-cover transitions from satellite imagery of the Brazilian Amazon
27.02.2017 Fabian Stenzel PhD concept Quantifying options of terrestrial carbon dioxide
removal within Planetary Boundaries
07.03.2017 Vera Heck Test disputation Interference in the Earth system through terrestrial carbon dioxide removal: numerical simulations of trade-offs, risks and opportunities
22.05.2017 Jonas Jägermeyr Test disputation Assessing Opportunities to increase global food production within the safe operating space for human freshwater use


Ronja Reese Work in progress Competing dynamic processes in Antarctica – What drives future sea-level rise?
13.06.2017 Catrin Ciiemer Work in progress Structured teleconnections reveal the South American
monsoon onset: A network approach
20.06.2017 Levke Caeser Work in progress North Atlantic SST patterns show evidence of AMOC slowdown
27.06.2017 Wolfram Barfuss Work in progress Optimization is not enough - on decision paradigms in human-environment models
Julia Brugger Work in progress Fish and Flips: First Results on the Climate during the Devonian
26.10.2017 Maria Zeitz PhD concept Constraining the Greenland tipping point and its influence on Antarctica
26.10.2017 Julius Garbe PhD concept Interaction of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets

Events of the year 2016 can be found here.

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