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CLIMBER - CLIMate and BiosphERe Model

Photo by Jan Dietrich
Contact: Andrey Ganopolski

CLIMBER family of Earth system models of intermediate complexity (EMICs). Currently there are two versions of CLIMBER models:

  • CLIMBER 2 - with a 2‐dimensional ocean for long‐term and paleoclimate simulations.
  • CLIMBER-3α - with a 3‐dimensional ocean for typical timescales of millennia.



  • POTSDAM - Statistical-Dynamical Atmospheric Model
  • VECODE - Dynamical Vegetation Model
  • MOM - Modular Ocean Model (GFDL)
  • SICOPOLIS - 3D polythermal Ice Sheet Model



Andrey Ganopolski (general design and coupling)

Reinhard Calov (ice sheet)

Vladimir Petoukhov (atmosphere)

Victor Brovkin (vegetation and carbon cycle)

Matteo Willeit (ocean)

Eva Bauer (dust cycle)

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