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Models in RD1

Modelling strategy of RD1

RD1 has worked on two major modelling strands: the CLIMBER family of intermediate‐complexity climate models and the LPJmL family of dynamic biosphere models. These two have now converged, with the coupling of LPJmL to CLIMBER‐2 and the confluence of LPJmL and CLIMBER‐3 into our new Potsdam Earth System Model (POEM 1.0). POEM combines Aeolus, the MOM ocean model and LPJmL, using the Flexible Modelling System of the GFDL in Princeton as overarching structure.

We have also invested important development work in the parallel ice sheet model PISM originating at the University of Alaska. In addition we use some smaller models (e.g. the regional energy‐moisture balance model REMBO) as well as existing models from other institutes (e.g. ocean and atmospheric GCMs) for specific tasks.


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Main models used in RD1


POEM 1.0 – POtsdam Earth Model (prototype version consisting of the Aeolus atmosphere, the MOM ocean general circulation model and the LPJmL biosphere model).

CLIMBER – An Earth system model of intermediate complexity, which exists in a version with a 2‐ dimensional ocean and the SICOPOLIS ice sheet model for long‐term (paleoclimate) simulations (CLIMBER‐2) and with a 3‐dimensional ocean for typical timescales of millennia (CLIMBER‐3).


Aeolus – The new atmosphere model.

LPJmL ‐ The dynamic global simulation model of vegetation biogeography and vegetation/soil biogeochemistry, operating offline as well as linked to POEM and the agro‐economic land use model MAgPIE (RD2), and including a process‐based fire regime model (SPITFIRE), an agriculture model, a bioenergy plantation model (BioEn‐LP), a riverrouting and irrigation model (RRI), and a permafrost model (PVCarb).

PISM‐PIK ‐ The Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model for Antarctica and Ice sheet model for Greenland.

REMBO‐SICOPOLIS – Regional climate‐ice sheet model of intermediate complexity.

POTSMOM‐C – Marine ecosystem model based on MOM suitable for inclusion in POEM.

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