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copan – Coevolutionary Pathways – joint flagship of RD1 and RD4

A joint flagship project of PIK's Research Domains "Earth System Analysis" and "Transdisciplinary Concepts and Methods", founded in 2013, dealing with the mid- and long-term coevolution of natural and socio-economic subsystems of the Earth system and its relationship to planetary boundaries.

Speakers: Jobst Heitzig, Jonathan Donges

Team members RD4: Marc Wiedermann, Sabine Auer,Jakob Kolb,



COPAN aims at developing conceptual models of global socio-environmental dynamics. It explores co-evolutionary dynamics and combines complex systems theory, adaptive co-evolutionary networks, control theory, agent-based modelling and game theory with quantitative physical, biogeochemical and economic knowledge.

COPAN is an activity within (the newly established Planetary Boundary Research Network).


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