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 March 2019

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PIK Alumni

arumugam Ponraj Arumugam

PhD Student, EPICC, Risk Transfer in the agricultural sector with a primary focus on crop insurance and climate resilience for India, using process-based crop modelling and remote sensing techniques to monitor crop growth in real time. (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)


Paula Aschenbrenner

Junior Scientist, analysis of changing climate conditions in sub-Saharan Africa with climate model data. (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)

beierfelicitas Felicitas Beier

PhD Student, implementation of policy measures with regards to water resources in land-use modelling. (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)

jschlick Seraja Bock
Junior Scientist (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
bbodirsky Benjamin Bodirsky
PostDoc, Long-term scenario elaboration of the land-use sector based on the MAgPIE model, in particular the global nitrogen cycle and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and land-use change (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)

Marie Brunel

PhD Student (guest), Modelling the role of grassland fire on Brasilian land use change (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)

Abel_Chemura Abel Chemura
PostDoc, EPICC, Crop modelling, crop condition assessment, climate change adaptation and remote sensing applications for decision support in the agricultural sector focusing on risk transfer. (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
t_conradt Tobias Conradt
PostDoc, Agricultural modelling with AMPLIFY and complementary approaches (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
costa_l Luis Costa
PostDoc, Interactions between climate and socio-economic/landscape factors explaining fire risk in Portugal, vegetation changes, economic impacts of sea level rise (Working Group: Urban Transformations)

didovets Iulii Didovets
PostDoc, Assessment of climate change impact on water resources and extremes using ecohydrological model SWIM, DAAD fellow (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)

Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez Palomino
- 20878

PhD Student, Hydrology modelling, simulation and evaluation of water resources under climate change (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)

Svenja Fluhrer

PhD student, Assisting Households to Adapt to Climate Change
(Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)

Samuel Fournet

Junior Scientist, Modelling the impact of regional climate forcings, meteorological forecasts and river basin management in Africa (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)


Sabine Gabrysch


Head of Research Department 2, Professor for Climate Change and Health at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Global Health, maternal and child health in low-income settings, malnutrition, fetal programming, Planetary Health

Stephanie Gleixner

PostDoc, Regional climate data and predictions for Tanzania, Peru and India - EPICC (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
Glockmann Manon Glockmann
PhD Student, modeling of urbanization and population growth, Geographic information systems (GIS), Urban ecosystem sciences, Human-bioclimatic conditions in cities (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Christoph Gornott
Leader of the Working Group "Adaptation in Agricultural Systems"; Assessment of regional crop yields comparing different approaches (IRMA, SWIM)
g_goetz Gabriele Götz

Secretariat of Research Department 2 and Assistant to Prof. Hermann Lotze-Campen

Graefep.JPG Peggy Gräfe

Science Coordinator of Research Department 2, management support of the Research Department Heads, Acquisition of third-party funding, Supervision of third funded projects and activities, Financial administration and personnel planning

ramana3x4.jpg Ramana Venkata Gudipudi
PostDoc, Climate responsive city planning and management, Co-benefits of mitigation and adaptation measures at city scales, Costs of climate change adaptation for urban infrastructure
(Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Gutsch_M.jpg Martin Gutsch
PostDoc, Climate impact functions for forest ecosystems, water availability in forest stands using the forest growth model 4C (Working Group: Forest and Ecosystem Resilience)

Lhabtemariam Lemlem Habtemariam  
PostDoc (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
fhattermann Fred Hattermann
Deputy head of Research Department 2, Leader of the Working Group: 'Hydroclimatic Risks', Integrated analysis of climate and land-use change and impacts on regional water balances, agriculture, and the water quality of river basins, SWIM expertise
Hauf_Ylva.JPG Ylva Hauf
Scientific support and data management, GIS and web-based presentations (Working Group: Forest and Ecosystem Resilience)
j_heinke Jens Heinke
Junior Scientist with the intention of a PhD, Global change impacts on the water cycle with an emphasis on water resources, food production and human-environment interaction (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)
Tobias Herzfeld

PhD Student, Modeling the impact of agricultural management practices on global soil degradation within the Junior research group MACMIT (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)
Hezbe.jpg Bernd Hezel
phoff.jpeg Peter Hoffmann
PostDoc, Management, acquisition, analysis and homogenization of meteorological data, climate analysis on global and regional scale, coupling processes in the atmosphere (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
holsten_a Anne Holsten
PostDoc, Climate change impacts on various sectors and regions (Working Group: Urban Transformations), on parental leave

kartschall.jpg Thomas Kartschall
Senior Scientist, Analysis, mathematical description, modeling, simulation and evaluation of biological processes and ecosystems under climate change, (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
Koch_H.JPG Hagen Koch
Senior Scientist, Modelling of water resources management, hydrological modelling, impact assessment, interactions climate-hydrology-water demand-water resources management (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)

Inna Koch

Assistant, Support of administrative and coordination activities
kkraehnert Kati Krähnert Leader of the Working Group "Adaptation in Agricultural Systems"; Economic analysis of the impact of climate change on households in developing countries
Steffen Kriewald
PhD Student, Urban growth dynamics and urban sustainability
(Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Kropp_j.jpg Jürgen Kropp
Deputy Head of Research Department 2, Adjunct professor at University of Potsdam (Climate Change and Sustainability), Working Group Leader  Urban Transformations. Solution oriented conceptualization and formalization of adaptation and vulnerability research for urban and rural areas, comparison and systematization of development pathways under the threat of climate change, model &, methodological developments
Linda Krummenauer
PhD Student, Heat and mortality relationships in cities, migration and security (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Krysanova_V Valentina Krysanova
zbyszek.jpg Zbigniew Kundzewicz
Senior Scientist, Analysis of hydrological extremes, global perspectives on changes in freshwater resources under climate change (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)

David Milan Landholm Haight
PhD Student, Climate change mitigation potential through land use change
(Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Lasch Petra Lasch-Born
Senior Scientist, Modelling of forest ecosystems on regional scale using the model 4C, Application of forest models for regional impact studies in Germany and in the frame work of European studies (Working Group: Forest and Ecosystem Resilience)

Wiebke Lass

Senior Scientist, Economist, (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
laudien Rahel Laudien
PhD Student, Seasonal forecasting of crop yields to support agricultural risk management and the design of crop insurances in Tanzania. (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
j_lehmann Jascha Lehmann
Post Doc, Analysis of dynamic changes in the atmosphere and their influence on weather extremes such as heat waves and heavy rainfall (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)

Yunfei Li

PhD Student, Modeling urban climate in view of past and future urbanization as well as mono- and polycentrism (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Liers Stefan Liersch
Senior Scientist, Climate change impacts and adaptation focusing on African case studies, hydrological modelling and model development, water resources management, and renewable energies. (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
Anastasia Lobanova
PostDoc, Assessment of potential impacts of climate scenarios on hydrological processes and water related sectors (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
lotze.jpg Hermann Lotze-Campen
Head of Research Department 2, Professor of Sustainable Land Use and Climate Change at Humboldt University Berlin,
Global land use and agricultural sector modelling, Multi-sector modelling of climate change impacts and adaptation options, Global-regional integration, Synergies between adaptation and mitigation
luedeke_m.jpg Matthias Lüdeke
Senior Scientist, Interdisciplinary modelling of coupled man-environment systems in relation to global change, emphasis on new formal methods, present research foci: climate change and urban development, impacts on infrastructure, global vulnerability profiles (Working Group: Urban Transformations)

mahnken Mats Mahnken PhD Student, Interactions between forest ecosystem service provisioning and forest management under ongoing climate change with transforming disturbance regimes in Europe (Working Group: Forest and Ecosystem Resilience)
gmaskell Gina Maskell
PhD Student, (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
menz.jpg Christoph Menz
PostDoc, Modelling of regional climate by application and development of the regional models CCLM and STARS. Analysis of regional and global climate and climate impacts (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
Sara Minoli

PostDoc, Agriculture management practices: effects on crop productivity and greenhouse gas emissions within the Junior research group MACMIT (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)
 Christoph Müller
Working Group Leader: Land Use and Resilience. Lead of the Junior research group MACMIT, Process-based modeling of biogeochemical cycles, land-use dynamics and agricultural systems, LPJmL expertise
lmurken Lisa Murken
PhD student, Studienstiftung, Cross-sectoral Impact Assessments and the adaptive capacity and adaptation strategies in the agriculture sector in Sub-Sahara Africa  (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)

sostberg Sebastian Ostberg

tpilz Tobias Pilz
porwollik.jpeg Vera Porwollik
Pradhan.jpg Prajal Pradhan
PostDoc, Dynamics of the future food demand and supply under global change within the PIK flagship "Sustainable Transition Pathways"
(Working Group: Urban Transformations)

reiju.jpg Julia Reinhardt
Support PikeeBB and PhD Student, Adaptive and integrated tools and strategies on natural resources management in Africa at meso-scale (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
freitemeyer Fabian Reitemeyer Junior Scientist, Sustainable urban mobility, Identification of measure packages to sufficiently reduce CO2 of mobility for the local or regional climate aims. CliMobCity (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
freusswig Fritz Reusswig
Senior Scientist, sociologist, lifestyle and consumption, social construction of nature (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Reyer_Ch.jpg Christopher Reyer
Senior Scientist, Working Group Leader: Forest and Ecosystem Resilience. Coordinator regional and global forest/biome models within ISI-MIP, Project coordinator of the world bank report "Turn down the Heat III", assessment of climate impacts on forest ecosystems on regional scale, Chair COST Action PROFOUND, FP1304
jschlick María del Rocio Rivas López
Junior Scientist, hydrology modelling on water quality (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
roehrigfeli Felicitas Röhrig
Junior Scientist, Project coordination of micro-insurance for small holder farmers in East Africa, research on migration and climate change (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
rolli.jpeg Susanne Rolinski
Senior Scientist, Identification and characterization of managed grasslands, biogeochemical cycles in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, modelling expertise with the model LPJmL (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)
diego3x4.jpg Diego Rybski
Senior Scientist, Research foci on cities and climate change (impact, adaptation and mitigation); city fundamentals (size, growth, and structure); cities and climate change driven natural hazards
(Working Group: Urban Transformations)

hsaes_pass Hetty Saes-Heibel
Assistant, Support of administrative and coordination activities, Project Manager CASCADES
Bernhard Schauberger
PostDoc, Variability of agricultural yields under climate extremes (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
jschlick Juliane Schlick Secretariat of Research Department 2 and Assistant to Prof. Sabine Gabrysch
tseydewitz Tobias Seydewitz Junior Scientist, Climate hazards and their impact on the European bioeconomy and drivers of tropical deforestation (Working Group Urban Transformations)

Roopam Shukla

PostDoc, Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation in smallholder farming systems (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
Stock Manfred Stock
Senior Scientist and Chief Advisor of PIK for regional strategies, regional vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, adaptability of vine production to climate change (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
Suckow.jpg Felicitas Suckow
Senior Scientist, Analysis of climate sensitivity of soils, description and simulation of carbon and nitrogen cycle and the water budget of soils, use and support of the forest growth model 4C (Working Group: Forest and Ecosystem Resilience)

Suckow.jpg Julia Tomalka
Projekt Manager Agrica, socio-economic impacts of climate change including on livelihoods, human settlements and migration. (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)


Jillian Waid

Senior Scientist (Working Group: Climate Change and Health)

Christiane Walter

Coordination & Assistance to the Working Group Urban Transformations
jschlick Anne Warchold Junior Scientist, Resilient bioeconomy transition paths under climate hazard risk and Interactions between Sustainable Development Goals (Working Group Urban Transformations)
fwechsung Frank Wechsung
Senior Scientist, Modeling of climate change impact on crops at regional scale, integrated climate change impact studies (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)
weindl.jpeg Isabelle Weindl
PostDoc, Modelling the livestock sector in the global landuse model MAgPIE, assessing the sustainable use of biomass and environmental impacts of agricultural production (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)
awendt2 Amanda Wendt Senior Scientist (Working Group: Climate Change and Health)
weiweng Wei Weng
PostDoc, Land use change and its relevance for moisture recycling in Colombian and Peruvian Amazon. (Working Group: Urban Transformations)
Wesch Stefanie Wesch
Junior Scientist with the intention of a PhD, Climate-Conflict-Migration-Nexus in the MENA region and the Sahel (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
wirths Stephen Wirth
PhD Student. modelling forage supply by grassland ecosystems (Working Group: Land Use and Resilience)
Awojewska Aleksandra Wojewska Junior Scientist within the ADAPT project (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)
mwortmann Michel Wortmann -2546 PostDoc, Eco-hydrological modelling in semi-arid and high mountain areas applying SWIM (Working Group: Hydroclimatic Risks)

yalew Amsalu Yalew PostDoc, Economic modelling for developing countries/regions (Working Group: Adaptation in Agricultural Systems)


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