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The Urban Transformations Team


PhD and MSc Theses




The Team


Please click on the pictures to see further contact details: Phone: +49-(0)331-288-colleague.
To contact the student or scientific assistants please get in touch with M.A. Christiane Walter

Tushar Athare

Tushar Athare, (PhD Student)
P: -2486
Scholar of the Indian Council on Agricultural Research


Dr. Stefanie Lyn Becker, (Guest Scientist)
P: -2486
Robert & Paula Best scholar for Social Sciences


Ephraim Broschkowski, (Guest Scientist)
P: -20716


Dr. Luís Costa (Senior Scientist)
P: -2627

Manon Glockmann

Manon Glockmann, (PhD-Student)
P: -2430


Dr. Ramana Venkata Gudipudi (PostDoc)

P: -2536


Dr. Bernd Hezel (Senior Scientist)
P: -2606

Dr. Anne Holsten (Senior Scientist)
P: -2689


Steffen Kriewald, (PhD student)
P: -2495


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kropp (Working Group Head & Deputy Chair Research Domain II: Climate Resilience)
P: -2526 or -2550


Linda Krummenauer, (PhD student)
P: -20714

David L-new

David Landholm, (PhD-Student)
P: -20718

Wiebke Lass

Wiebke Lass
P: -2040

Yunfei Li

Yunfei Li, (PhD-Student)
P: -2063
CSC Scholar (China)

Mathias Lüdeke-new

Dr. Matthias Lüdeke (Senior Scientist)
P: -2578


Dr. Prajal Pradhan (PostDoc)
P: -2046

Diego neu

Dr. habil. Fritz Reusswig (Senior Scientist)
P: -2576

Diego neu

Dr. Diego Rybski (Senior Scientist)
P: -20712
Deputy Head Urban Transformations Group

Christiane Walter

Christiane Walter,
Scientific Coordination
P: -2550


Wei Weng, (PhD-Student)


Alumni of the Group

Marcela Beltran, (PhD Student, guest), CIAT scholarship
Dr. Markus Boettle, Insurance Company
M. Sc. Desirée Dörr, Business Analyst, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Klaus Eisenack, Humboldt University, Berlin
M.Sc. Till Fluschnik, Free University, Berlin
Dr. Hannah Förster, Öko-Institut, Berlin
Dr. Anselmo Garcia Cantu Ros
Dr. Torsten Grothmann, Consultant, University of Oldenburg
Dr. Tabea Lissner, Climate Analytics gGmbH
Prof. Dr. Jose Lizardi del Angel (guest), Universidad Autonoma de la Cuidad de Mexico
Nadine Lux, MA, University of Potsdam
Marta Moneo Laín, PhD, United Nations
Insa Niemeyer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Dr. Mady Olonscheck, GreenAdapt GmbH
Dr. Boris Prahl, Carbon Delta
Christian Pape, Consultant
Dr. Flavio Pinto Siabatto, Consultant
Theresa Rauch, MA, Climate Analytics, gGmbH
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Diana Reckien, Twente University, NL
Dr. Dominik Reusser, Teleseo GmbH
Olivia Roithmeier, University of Bremen
Nadja Rudolf, MA, Universität Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Henning Rust, Free University, Berlin
M.Sc. Michael Spies, Free University Berlin
M.Sc. Till Sterzel, ClimateBabel
Dr. Anastasia Svirejeva-Hopkins
Dr. Vera Tekken, Bundesverband der deutschen Bioethanolwirtschaft e.V.
M.Sc. Carsten Walther, GreenAdapt GmbH
Tobias Weiss, Consultant
Jana Werg, e-fect & University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde
Dr. Markus Wrobel
Dr. Bin Zhou, Ben Gurion University, Israel

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