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Research Area: Regional Impacts and Adaptation Strategies (RIAS)

Speaker: Fred Hattermann


Climate impact assessment is emerging as a highly important and relevant field of research. One important area of study is the interaction between global and regional systems with a focus on the challenges of adaptation strategies in the context of climate change. Our goal is to study the climate-change-related impacts in Germany and other affected regions worldwide. The results are used to help deriving adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Research Questions:RF2

  • How to achieve regional energy, food and water security under climate change?
  • How to improve robustness of impact assessments?
  • What are human dimensions of climate change in most effected regions?
  • What are possible chances for a regional carbon free development?

Flagship Projects:

Team members:

IMPROVE: Iulii Didovets (guest), Carlos Fernández Palominio, Samuel Fournet, Fred Hattermann, Ylva Hauf, Hagen Koch, Valentina Krysanova, Zbyszek Kundzewicz, Stefan Liersch, Anastasia Lobanova, Mikolaj Piniewski (guest), Julia Reinhardt, Christopher Reyer, María del Rocío Rivas López, Felicitas Suckow, Tobias Vetter, Michel Wortmann

iCROSS: Ponraj Arumugam, Frank Brenner, Abel Chemura, Tobias Conradt, Stefanie Gleixner, Christoph Gornott, Martin Gutsch, Ylva Hauf, Peter Hoffmann, Thomas Kartschall, Petra Lasch-Born, Rahel Laudien, Lisa Murken, Christoph Menz, Felicitas Röhrig, Bernhard Schauberger, Arne Spekat, Amsalu Yalew

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