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PRIMAP publications

PRIMAP Team members have published on a broad range of climate science issues with a selection provided below. For publications by individual team members, please go to their personal home pages.


K. L. Ricke, J. B. Moreno-Cruz, J. Schewe, A. Levermann and K. Caldeira "Policy thresholds in mitigation", Nature Geoscience, 9, 5–6 [link]


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K. Nishina, A. Ito, P. Falloon, A. D. Friend, D. J. Beerling, P. Ciais, D. B. Clark, R. Kahana, E. Kato, W. Lucht, M. Lomas, R. Pavlick, S. Schaphoff, L. Warszawaski, and T. Yokohata, "Decomposing uncertainties in the future terrestrial carbon budget associated with emission scenarios, climate projections, and ecosystem simulations using the ISI-MIP results", Earth System Dynamics, 6, 435445, 2015. [link]

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Frieler, K., Clark, P. U., He, F., Buizert, C., Reese, R, Ligtenberg, S. R. M., van den Broeke, M. R., Winkelmann, R., Levermann, A. "Consistent Evidence of Increasing Antarctic Accumulation with Warming", Nature Climate Change, 5, 348–352,


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Warszawski, L., Frieler, K
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