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Emissions module

Developers: Johannes Gütschow, Louise Jeffery Alumni: Julia Nabel, Joeri Rogelj, Kathleen Markmann, Mario Parade

This topic will investigate emission allocation options that are most likely to influence the post-2012 regime architecture, including Multi-Stage, the Brazilian proposal of historic responsibility, the BASIC proposal, Full-Carbon Accounting and crediting for reduced emissions from de-forestation. Cooperation with LPJ will allow quantitative assessments of the latter two land use related architectural options, in order to determine 'allocation spaces' for fossil CO2 and other 'Kyoto-basket' greenhouse gas emissions. A comprehensive database with national emission inventories and projections will form the basis of this module. This module's key focus will be to fulfill "real-time" tasks during the negotiations - flexible enough to incorporate last-minute allocation proposals including their "real-world" amendments and exceptions. The module will take into account the probabilistic political determinants of emissions.

PRIMAP emissions module documentation.

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