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Cities are the habitat of humans. Globally, more and more people live and work in urban areas and our research recognizes that changing environments and anthropogenic dynamics are closely related. To a large extent the solution of climate and sustainability crises can only be resolved through cities. Considering the overwhelming complexity of urban systems various aspects and key processes of urban spaces are taken into account to develop transformative solutions. Read more...


Albert Einstein Research Campus

Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Telegraph Hill, Building A56, 2nd floor

Research Area Head: Jürgen P. Kropp

Deputy Head: Diego Rybski

Scientific Coordination & Administration:

Christiane Walter

The research team.

fractalThe focal point on urban dynamics addresses the overwhelming complexity of urban systems considering the following issues:
  • Which role plays urban 2D and 3D structure for the design of future sustainable cities?
  • How differs the dynamics of OECD and developing cities and what does this imply for urban planning?
  • Further development of urban fractality and scaling concepts for advanced urban studies!

The major foci addressed by the team can be summed up in the following three questions:

  • How can urban growth paths become compatible with e.g. local or even planetary boundaries?
  • What implies the fulfillment of sustainable development goals for future urban lifestyles?
  • How can the interplay between urban entities and its hinterland quantitatively characterized?
Outreach and Tools

The Urban Adaptation Challenge: On Urban Resilience

Transformation towards a carbon free Europe: European Calculator

Societal Aspects of Urban Adapation: Resilience Compass

Assess the impact of community based initiatives: Track It!



Our researchers are aiming to publish their results in peer-reviewed ISI-journals. On this website we are gathering the latest publications in such journals as well as book chapters, reports, studies and policy documents.

See full list of most recent publications.

Recent PhD and Master-Theses

Apart from our junior researchers working on their PhD, we are also regularly supervising Bachelor and Master-Students from different universities and disciplines. Our research is exploring diverse facets of climate change.

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Third-Party Funding: running and finished projects

Group members have been involved in or coordinated many third-party funded projects. For an overview of actually running or finished projects and the responsible persons pls. click here!

University of Potsdam

photo: Fritze/University of Potsdam

Teaching at Partner Universities

Both senior and junior researchers from our group are contributing to

teaching activities at University of Potsdam, Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Geography or Technical University of Berlin, Urban Management.

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