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About "Climate Change and Development"

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The research area recognizes that changing environments and anthropogenic dynamics are closely related, whereupon a combination of relevant forces – including the unprecedented western life style, economic and demographic growth, urbanization - poses additional stress on Earth’s integrity and finally on humankind itself. It is very likely that mitigation efforts could be consumed by the growth dynamics in the developing countries.

Consequently a systematic approach examining transition options for countries, regions, and urban areas need to be applied. Old-fashioned development pathways such as "economy first" will cause more severe human losses, in particular among the poorest. Therefore, innovative concepts pushing a transition to sustainability reconciling adaptation, climate protection and development and in a fair way are mandatory. We try to find such solutions considering welfare, climate protection, adaptation, and sustainable development.

Our research is organized in two flagship projects and one cruss-cutting activity. The flagship project "Climate-proof Cities and Infrastructure" recognizes the key role of cities in climate change both as contributor and as centres for sustainable innovation. We try to identify possible synergies and trade-offs among processes playing key roles in enhancing GHG mitigation, adaptation, and sustainability of urban populations. The flagship project "Sustainable Transition Pathways" investigates the different spheres of change necessary to build a sustainable future. The include the interplay between development, economic dynamics and climate protection as well as the understanding of drivers and barrier for sustainable development. The cross-cutting activity "Impact Services and Climate Media" explores innovative means for the dissemination of complex scientific knowledge through original media products and tailored digital interactive information systems.

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