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Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for Cities
October 2012 until September 2017
691.860 € funded by EU - European Union: FP7-ENV-2012.6.1-3
Jürgen Kropp

The RAMSES project will develop a rigorous, analytical framework for the implementation of adaptation strategies and measures in EU and international cities. It will develop a set of innovative methods and tools that will quantify the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of adaptation to climate change and thus provide the evidence to enable policy makers to design adaptation strategies. It integrats the assessment of impacts and costs to provide much more coherent approach than currently exists. As major centres of population, econmic importance, greenhouse gas emissions and infrastructure, RAMSES focuses on adaptation issues in cities.

RAMSES will deliver much needed quantified evidence of the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of a wide range of soft (e.g. land use planning) and hard (e.g. infrastructure alteration) adaptation measures.