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Disputations in RD2

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Recently held disputations of RD2 PhD student:

Name DateThemeDisciplineSupervisor at PIKUniversity
Cornelia Hesse 08.11.2018 Integrated water quality modelling in meso- to large scale river basins under uncertainty Hydrology

V. Krysanova

Uni Potsdam
Stefanie Lynn Becker 04.07.2018 From regimes to grassroots innovations: a framework for understanding the causes and barriers to community-based initiatives and their impacts on transitions Climate Impact Research

Jürgen Kropp

Potsdam University
Anastasia Lobanova 17.05.2018 Assessment of potential impacts of higher-end climate scenarios on hydrological processes and water related sectors in a number of representative European river basins Hydrology

F. Hattermann
V. Krysanova

TU Berlin
Christoph Gornott 16.02.2018 Assessment of regional crop yields in Tanzania comparing different approaches Agriculture

F. Hattermann

HU Berlin
Michel Wortmann 26.01.2018 Climate impact assessment of high-mountain, glacier melt dominated catchments using the Soil and Water Integrated Model (SWIM): the Tarim tributaries, NW China Geography

V. Krysanova

University College London, UK (UCL)
Bernhard Schauberger 24.01.2018 Improving crop models with respect to yield variability and climate extremes as a precondition for food security assessments Agricultural Economics

H. Lotze-Campen

HU Berlin
20.12.2017 Climate Change and Sustainable Risk Management for Agriculture - Building business resilience through adaptation. The Case Study of the 'Mount Hesse' farm in Australia Geography

H. Lotze-Campen

Uni Hamburg
Ramana Venkata Gudipudi 08.12.2017 Cities and Global Sustainability: Insights from emission and ecological efficiency Geography

J. Kropp

Uni Potsdam
20.11.2017 On the assessment of surface urban heat island: size, urban form, and seasonality Physical Geography

J. Kropp

Uni Potsdam
Isabelle Weindl 16.10.2017 Livestock futures in a changing world: Modelling interactions between animal agriculture and the environment Geography

H. Lotze-Campen

HU Berlin
Julia Lutz 06.04.2017 Improvements and application of the STatistical Analogue Resampling Scheme STARS Meteorology

F.-W. Gerstengarbe

University of Bonn
Boris Prahl 20.01.2017 On Damage Functions for the Estimation of Storm Loss and their Generalization for Climate-Related Hazards Geography

J. Kropp

FU Berlin
12.01.2017 Hydrology / Geo-ecology

F. Hattermann

Uni Potsdam
14.10.2016 Methoden zur Dynamisierung von Klimafolgenanalysen im Elbegebiet -
Aktualisierung von Szenarienstudien zu den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels und fortlaufende Überprüfung ökohydrologischer Modellergebnisse
Hydrology / Geo-ecology

F. Wechsung

Uni Potsdam
Mady Olonscheck 30.09.2016 Climate change impacts on electricity and residential energy demand Climate impact research

J. Kropp

Uni Potsdam
Martin Gutsch 11.07.2016 Modellgestützte Analyse von Eichen-Kiefern-Mischbeständen in Brandenburg mit Berücksichtigung der Wurzeltiefe und Wurzelverteilung Geo-ecology

P. Lasch-Born / J. Kropp

Uni Potsdam
27.04.2016 Coastal Floods in View of Sea Level Rise: Assessing Damage Costs and Adaptation Measures Natural hazards research

J. Kropp

Uni Potsdam
15.04.2016 Floods in the Niger River Basin in the face of Global Change - Analysis, Attribution, Projections Geo-ecology

F. Hattermann/ Axel Bronstert

Uni Potsdam
17.03.2016 Regionale Klimamodellierung in Ostasien: Ein Vergleich von statistischen und dynamischen Modellierungsansatz Geography

F.-W. Gerstengarbe

Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M.
12.11.2015 Weather-disease relationships and future disease potential of leaf rust and powdery mildew in Saxony-Anhalt Geography/
Agricultural sciences

F. Wechsung

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
13.10.2015 Physics

J. Kurths

HU Berlin
Prajal Pradhan 05.05.2015 Geography

J. Kropp

Uni Potsdam
Benjamin Bodirsky 12.11.2014 Agricultural Economics

O. Edenhofer/ H. Lotze-Campen / A. Popp

TU Berlin
Doreen Burdack 10.06.2014 Water Management Policies and its Impacts on Irrigated Crop Production in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia Economic science

 H. Lotze-Campen

Uni Potsdam
Tabea Lissner 12.06.2014 Limitations to human livelihoods and well-being in the context of climate change Geography

J. Kropp/
Tobia Lakes

Humboldt University
Oleksandr Kit 13.02.2014 Automated identification of slums in Hyderabad using high resolution satellite imagery Geography W. Lucht Humboldt University
Luís Costa 29.10.2013 Climate change adaptation and its costs in a carbon constrained world Sustainability Science J. Kropp /
S. Stoll-Kleemann
University of Greifswald
Vera Tekken 11.9.2013 Socio-economic vulnerability to climate change: a regional assessment in the context of water stress and tourism development in north-eastern Morocco Sustainability Science S. Stoll-Kleemann University of Greifswald
Sebastian Schubert 12.7.2013 Development and evaluation of a double-canyon urban canopy scheme, and estimation of urban heat island mitigation effects Meteorology F.-W. Gerstengarbe Free University Berlin
Anne Holsten 04.07.2013 Climate change vulnerability assessments in the regional context Geo-ecology J. Kropp Uni Potsdam
Tobias Conradt 06.05.2013 Challenges of regional hydrological modelling in the Elbe River basin Investigations about model fidelity on sub-catchment level Geo-ecology / Hydrology

A. Bronstert/
F. Wechsung

Uni Potsdam
Christopher Reyer 25.04.2013 The cascade of uncertainty in modeling forest ecosystem responses to environmental change and the challenge of sustainable resource management Geography W. Lucht/
P. Lasch
HU Berlin
Katharina Waha 12.02.2013 Application of a global vegetation model (LPJmL) for assessing climate change impacts on agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa Geography W. Cramer Uni Potsdam
Christoph Schmitz 12.12.2012

The future of food supply in a constraining environment

Agricultural Economics H. Lotze-Campen HU Berlin, Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture
Johannes Gütschow 09.11.2012 Quantum information processing with Clifford quantum cellular automata Physics Reinhard Werner (Uni Hannover) Leibniz Universität Hannover
Sabrina Hempel 01.10.2012 Deciphering gene regulation from time series data Physics J. Kurths HU Berlin
Pia Gottschalk 31.05.2012 Modelling soil organic carbon dynamics under land use and climate change Plant & soil sciences Prof. Pete and
Dr. Jo Smith
University of Aberdeen
School of Biological Sciences
Shaochun Huang 02.05.2012 Modelling of environmental change impacts on water resources and hydrological extremes in Germany Hydrology A. Bronstert Uni Potsdam
Friedemann Lembcke 08.02.2012 Kalkül versus Katastrophe: Die Kommunikation des Klimawandels Media science F.-W. Gerstengarbe TU Berlin
Diana Sietz 09.12.2011 Dryland vulnerability - Typical patterns and dynamics in support of vulnerability reduction efforts Global ecology J. Kropp Uni Potsdam
Marianela Fader 08.12.2011 Flows of virtual land and water through global trade of agricultural products Physical geography

W. Cramer/

Uni Potsdam
Tim Beringer 19.10.2011 Earth System Dynamics in the Anthropocene: Modelling Key Processes of Climate-Human Interactions in the Terrestrial Biosphere
Geography W.Lucht Humboldt Uni Berlin
Stefan Liersch 05.05.2011 Supporting Environmental Management by Modelling and Integration of Local Knowledge Geoecology R. Seppelt/ J.Böhner Uni Halle-Wittenberg
Veronika Huber 13.04.2010 (at IGB), Climate Impact on Phytoplankton Blooms in Shallow Lakes Data-Based Model Approaches and Model-Guided Data Analyses (Ph.D., in  AQUASHIFT priority program) D. Gerten TU Berlin
Stefanie Rost 2009 Assessment of global green, blue and virtual water fluxes D. Gerten Uni Potsdam
Martin Wattenbach 2008 The hydrological effects of changes in forest area and species composition in the federal state of Brandenburg, Germany W. Cramer Uni Potsdam
Cornelia Fürstenau 2008 The impact of silvicultural strategies and climate change on carbon sequestration and other forest ecosystem functions P. Lasch Uni Potsdam
Riad Qara-Fallah 2008 Auswirkungen von Klimaänderungen auf hydrometeorologisch relevante Parameter F.W. Gerstengarbe Uni Rostock
Joachim Rock 2008 Klimaschutz und Kohlenstoff in Holz - Vergleich verschiedener Strategien P. Lasch Uni Potsdam
Birgit Schröder 2008 Spatial and temporal dynamics of the terrestrial carbon cycle. Assimilation of two decades of optical satellite data into a process-based global vegetation model W..Lucht Uni Potsdam
Diana Reckien 2007 Intraregional migration in old industrialised regions– Qualitative Modelling of household location decisions as an input to policy and plan making in Leipzig/Germany and Wirral/Liverpool/UK (PhD in Geography) J. Kropp Uni Marburg
Malaak Kallache 2007 Trends and Extreme Values of River Discharge Time Series (PhD in Physics) J. Kropp Uni Bayreuth

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