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Two scholarships for RD2 PhD's

28/04/2020 - Two RD2 scientists, Lisa Murken and Julian Röckert, of the Working Group 'Adaptation in Agricultural Systems' have secured a scholarship for their PhD Thesis.
Two scholarships for RD2 PhD's

Source: PIK/A.Lobanova

Lisa Murken's Dissertation will be funded by the German 'Studienstiftung'. She will officially start working on her PhD with the working title: 'Effects of land tenure dynamics on farmers' resilience to climate change in East Africa' as of the first of August 2020.

Julian Röckert received a scholarship from the 'Cusanuswerk'. He startet his PhD Research on 'Long-Term Consequences of Extreme Weather Events for Households in Developing Countries: The Mongolian Case' on the first of April 2020.

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