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Media interest in extreme weather in Germany

03/07/2018 - Heatwaves and heavy rain in Mai and June recently raised questions about weather extremes and climate change within German society and a strong media interest in climate impacts. Several RD2 colleagues have been interviewed by local and national media to explain how climate change is already impacting our weather right now.
Media interest in extreme weather in Germany

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 "With an approximate global temperature increase of about 1 degree Celsius on annual average, Germany is already in the middle of Climate Change" says Dr. Fred Hattermann in a PIK Statement released in June. Several local and national media, i.a. Donaukurier, PNN, Bürstädter Zeitung, Bild am Sonntag (not available online), picked up the message.

Radio Bremen and NDR2 interviewed Fred Hattermann about climate change, the agricultural industry and the reasons for the drought in Germany.

In another article in "Rheinische Post Online" about local extreme weather risks, Dr. Peter Hoffmann explains how the temperature rise will affect the number of extremely hot days and heavy rainfall. The German weather agency (DWD) calculated which areas will risk which weather extremes. The results were used by PIK scientists to map the different climate risks in each area of NRW.

All linked articles are available in German only.

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