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Happy anniversary MAgPIE!

14/06/2018 - Exactly 10 year ago today, "Agricultural Economics" accepted the first MAgPIE paper. Since then, at least 50 papers with MAgPIE involvement were published in different scientific journals. Something to be proud of!
Happy anniversary MAgPIE!

Source: MAgPIE

The Model of Agricultural Production and its Impact on the Environment (MAgPIE) is a global land use allocation model, which is connected to the grid-based dynamic vegetation model LPJmL, with a spatial resolution of 0.5°x0.5°. It takes regional economic conditions such as demand for agricultural commodities, technological development and production costs as well as spatially explicit data on potential crop yields, land and water constraints (from LPJmL) into account. Based on these, the model derives specific land use patterns, yields and total costs of agricultural production for each grid cell. (

Prof. Hermann Lotze-Campen: "I am deeply grateful for all the work and contributions from you and our former group members. It is really an exceptional team effort!"

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