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Dry spring worries farmers in Germany

29/04/2019 - The beginning of spring has started out dry. Very low soil water contents, which hardly recovered from the drought in the summer of 2018, may negatively affect agricultural harvests in Germany. Prof. Hermann Lotze-Campen, head of the PIK Research Departement Climate Resilience, was interviewed by several media about extreme weather, water levels, agriculture and related adaptation.
Dry spring worries farmers in Germany


In an NTV documentary on climate records in Germany "Klima-Rekorde - ist Deutschland noch zu retten?", Prof. Lotze-Campen explains that we should not only work hard to stop climate change but also adapt to the changes which cannot be prevented anymore. Farmers could for example spread the risk and rather diversify their land use to become more resilient to extreme weather conditions.

At the KTBL days "Kühlen Kopf bewahren - Anpassung der Landwirtschaft an den Klimawandel" which were organized by the `Kuratorium für Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft ' and held from 20 to 21 of March,  Hermann Lotze-Campen discussed the political framework necessary for a resilient agricultural industry. The full presentation (in German) can be viewed here.

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