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CASCADES Project Kick-Off

11/10/2019 - The Kick-Off meeting of CASCADES was hosted at PIK at the end of September 2019. The EU-Project on "CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies" is coordinated by Dr. Ilona M. Otto and Dr. Christopher Reyer.
CASCADES Project Kick-Off

Source: PIK/Kriemann

Climate change amplifies existing risks and vulnerabilities in a globalised world. New risks are also emerging from complex cross-sectoral and multi-dimensional interactions that aggregate gradually, and sometimes emerge abruptly.

Recent examples of links between crop damage in Russia, international food prices and political instability in Norht Africa, as well as impact chains from drought, migration, civil unrest and war in the Middel East, demonstrate conditions under which climate risks propagate in ways that may affect European stability and cohesion.

CASCADES ambition is to identify the policy leverage points that can help the EU to adapt and respond to such cascading climate risks. It thrives to reach this target by integrating both diverse methodologies, combining leading expertise in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, international trade and commodity flows, foreign policy and security, and finance and business.

CASCADES will provide knowledge and tools to support policy and decision-making processes, thus helping Europe to strategically navigate a sustainable and resilient path through a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

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