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SUSFOOD Workshop

11-12.06.2019: Workshop on Challenges for Sustainable Food Security in South Asia under Global Change
SUSFOOD Workshop

Source: PIK

South Asia is currently facing the triple burden of malnourishment. In 2016, around 279.9 million people are undernourished, 62.5 million adults are suffering from obesity and 234.2 million women of reproductive age are affected by anaemia in South Asia. Due to demographic growth, increasing urbanization and shifting lifestyle, South Asia is considered as one of the hot spots for the future increase in food demand. However, food production in South Asia will be severely impacted under climate change without adaptation. Thus, status of food insecurity in the region may exacerbate in the future under climate change. These situations call for an urgent need to identify solutions that address the triple burden of malnourishment by exploring options for sustainable and climate smart food systems in the region. The workshop on “Challenges for Sustainable Food Security in South Asia under Global Change” aimed to contribute to this need.

This was the final workshop of the project "Sustainable Food System under Climate Change in South Asia (SusFood). The workshop had the following objective:

  • to update and exchange the project results among the partners,
  • to learn from ongoing projects in the region on sustainable food systems,
  • to identify knowledge gaps for enhancing food security sustainably under climate change in the region,
  • to discuss and develop ideas for follow-up project for identifying and implementing solution options for sustainable food systems in South Asia, considering climate change, demographic growth, urbanization, and changing life styles.

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