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Koch_H.JPG Hagen Koch

Senior Scientist, modelling of electricity generation (interaction climate-electricity generation), water availability for hydropower and thermal power plants, climate chnage effects on wind power generation

mgutsch.jpg Martin Gutsch

PhD student, regional impact studies in Germany and in the frame work of national and European studies, investigation of dynamics within the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum for improvement of the forest dynamics model 4C


GLOWA Elbe - Auswirkungen des globalen Wandels auf Umwelt und Gesellschaft im Elbegebiet, funded by BMBF, 2000-2010

IVA - Methode einer integrierten und erweiterten Vulnerabilitätsbewertung; Forschungskennzahl 3709 41 123, funded by UBA, 2010-2014


  • Koch, H., Büchner, M. 2014. Is climate change a threat to the growing importance of wind power resources in the energy sector in Germany? Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning, and Policy (accepted).
  • Koch H., Vögele S., Hattermann F., Huang S. 2014. Hydro-climatic conditions and thermoelectric electricity generation - Part II: Model application to 17 nuclear power plants in Germany. Energy (online available).
  • Koch H., Vögele S., Kaltofen M., Grossmann M., Grünewald U. 2014. Security of Water Supply and Electricity Production: Aspects of Integrated Management. Water Resour Manage (28), 1767–1780.
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  • Koch H., Vögele S., Kaltofen M., Grünewald U. 2012. Trends in water demand and water availability for powerplants - scenario analyses for the German capital Berlin. Clim Chang (110), 879–899.
  • Koch H., Vögele S. 2009. Dynamic modelling of water demand, water availability and adaptation strategies for power plants to global change. Ecol Econ (68), 2031–2039.

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