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Research Area: Global Impact Assessments (GIA)

Speaker: Hermann Lotze-Campen


Many global change phenomena have to be analyzed at the global scale because of the strong interlinkages between regions with respect to markets and the climate system. GIA assess impacts of climate and socio-economic changes at the global scale on different sectors with different approaches, including detailed spatially explicit information, economic rationale and bio-physical process representation as well as simplified and aggregated impact descriptions in terms of global mean temperature changes. The climate impact research in GIA is also conducted in close cooperation with the Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) community. The two flagship projects in GIA are strongly involved in the cross-cutting activities in RD2, ISI-MIP and GRI.

Flagship Projects:

MusiX: Multi-sector impacts and climate eXtremes (C. Müller)

PRIMAP: Emission paths and impact Emulators (K. Frieler)

Team members:

MusiX: Benjamin Bodirsky, Marie Brunel, Jens Heinke, Tobias Herzfeld, Yvonne Jans, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Femke Lutz, Sara Minoli, Christoph Müller, Vera Porwollik, Susanne Rolinski, Xiaoxi Wang, Isabelle Weindl

PRIMAP: Katja Frieler, Tobias Geiger, Robert Gieseke, Johannes Gütschow, Louise Jeffrey, Christian Otto, Jacob Schewe

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