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Product Climate impact Register for Germany


To illustrate the specific regional and sectoral results obtained, a standard-setting climate impact register for Germany will be set up which makes it possible to interactively display the maps and quantitatively display the effects of the vulnerability of Germany to climate change.


1.1.1        Meta Data Base “Climate Impacts on Germany”

The existing and distributed knowledge will be aggregated in a meta data base. The work comprises the development of a concept to collect, to process, and to store relevant data of regional and nationwide PIK studies, as well as of studies from other German institutions.

1.1.2        Concept of a Climate Impact Register to Present Results and Information

The register is based on the INKA-BB (KLIMZUG) concept and is intended to present:

-          Characteristics of climate, climate trends and exposure to climate

-          Thresholds of compatibilities, e.g., as to heat, drought, and dust

-          Information on the climate sensitivity of the characteristic variables considered

-          Scenario-related threshold exceedance and damages in particularly affected areas.

This information will be displayed in a climate impact map of Germany.

1.1.3        Designing and Maintaining the Climate Impact Register

PIXDAT (project COMET RD IV) will be the basis for data management and visualisation. The climate map will be presented on the web, and a solution to distribute it to users will be developed. The climate map will be designed simultaneously to the results achieved, both regionally and sectorally, and it has to be administered and coordinated as regards content. The results obtained will be published annually.

Responsible: Frank Wechsung

phone: 0331-288-2663


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