CLIMREG-Climate Impacts Register for Germany




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Speaker: Petra Lasch

Team members: Michael Flechsig, Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe, Joachim Glauer, Peggy Gräfe, Fred Hattermann, Ylva Hauf, Thomas Kartschall, Valentina Krysanova, Andrea Lüttger, Lena Österle, Claus Rachimow, Manfred Stock, Felicitas Suckow, Frank Wechsung, Peter C. Werner, Martin Wodinski

It is the goal to develop a climate impact register on Germany. Based on present knowledge and specific interviews of stakeholders and experts, it has to be determined for which sectors and social groups special climate risks have to be expected. Beside such factors as water availability, flood risks, agriculture and nature conservation, further sectors will be considered, such as conurbations and health. It will be analysed in depth, which changes of climate elements will cause what impact, and whether trends or changed climate variability play a role. Climate scenarios for relevant extreme events will be systematically derived and ensembles identifying risks for special sectors, social groups and development paths in society will be figured from these extreme value scenarios.

An impact analysis for the East German Federal states will be the first step in building up a climate impact register that will gradually be expanded to regions and sectors not considered so far, in order to obtain a register for entire Germany. A number of running and completed studies on the impacts of climate change in Germany are the basis for further sectorally and regionally based analyses, as well as for the identification of risk areas for special sectors in Germany. A dynamically extendable register of climate impacts, as well as a methodologically new presentation of climate impact correlations will be the products.

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