PhD-Seminars in 2013/2014

Previous seminars in 2014

12 Dec Markus Böttle

Postponed from Nov 14: Automatised derivation of flood damage functions and required protection measures

05 Dec Ceren Hic

An estimation of food waste and its implications on food security and environment

28 Nov Bin Zhou

Latest findings in Urban Heat Island research

07 Nov Dominik Reusser

Lokale Initiativen zur Nachhaltigkeit - Viele gute Ansätze, aber begrenzte Reichweite?

08 Jul 
José Lizardi del Angel

Ignition and combustion of diluted hydrogen mixtures in a flow past an array of

catalytic wires

06 Jun 
Tabea Lissner Limitations to human livelihoods and well-being in the context of climate change
21 Mar Linda Krummenauer Climate change, migration and security in North Africa and the Middle East - An exploration of recent findings
14 Feb Stefanie Lyn Becker Social Barriers to Sustainable Tranistions: A summary of what has been done thus far

Previous seminars in 2013

6 Dec Oleksandr Kit Automated identification of slums in Hyderabad using high resolution satellite imagery
15 Nov Mady Olonscheck Energy demand of the Dutch residential building stock under climate change
11 Oct Ramana Gudipudi

Urban density and GHG emissions

27 Sep
Boris Prahl Performance of univariate storm damage functions
20 Sep Prajal Pradhan Closing the yield gaps: how sustainable can we be?
16 Aug     
Luís Costa

A global pathway for adaptation?

2 Aug Linda Krummenauer

Deriving impact functions for heat-related mortality in cities

28 Jun Tabea Lissner

Measuring Livelihood Conditions: Water and Climate Impacts

14 Jun

Dr. Anselmo Garcia Cantu Ros

Early warning based control of critical transitions

3 May
Dr. Diego Rybski

Coastal urbanization research: an overview

19 Apr Luís Costa

Estimating the costs of climate change adaptation. Main findings from the
AdaptCosts project

28 Mar

12 Apr

18 Apr

Dr. Flavio Siabatto Pinto

Capacity and sustainability - a framework

8 Feb Prajal Pradhan

Food self-sufficiency across scales: How local can we go?


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