PhD-Seminars in 2009/2010

Previous seminars in 2010

17 Dec Dr. Diego Rybski New laws of city growth
3 Dec

Markus Böttle

A cost-benefit framework for adaptation to sea level rise
26 Nov

Dr. Anastasia Svirejeva-Hopkins

Exergy maps and sustainability of urban form
29 Oct

Boris Prahl

Projecting insurance damages under climate change - an introduction to project 'GDV1'
3 Sep

Dr. Anselmo García Cantu Ros

On noon shadows of dancing sparrows: The onset of 2D-flocking between order and chaos
6 Aug

Kaitlyn Rathwell

Building Resilience in Stressed Watersheds
23 Jul

Tobias Weiß

Impact knowledge and visualize data and results from climate science with an interactive map application: Challenges, Chances and Constraints

3 Jul

Tabea Lissner

Climate change, environmental limits and human responses: The challenge of an integrated climate risk index

21 May Till Sterzel Global patterns of vulnerability and their transferability to a web-based adaptation information platform. The case of rapid coastal urbanization
30 Apr

Prajal Pradhan

Ecosystem service indicators as measures for human-nature interference on a regional scale
9 Apr

Insa Niemeyer

The role of agriculture in assessing the economic welfare impacts of climate change. A regional analysis by taking into account the global effects of climate change
26 Feb

Oleksander Kit

What can we learn from case studies like Hyderabad with regard to general mechanisms of city functioning?
5 Feb

Christian Pape

The Data Envelope Anaysis: A method to assess climate risks and efficiency of adaptation?
15 Jan

Olivia Roithmeier

Experiences from regional vulnerability studies: general insights, shortcomings, further prospects?


Previous seminars in 2009

17 Dec Luís Costa The hidden economics of sea-level rise: Towards comprehensible impact and adaptation cost analysis
27 Nov

Dr. Anastasia Svirejeva-Hopkins

Population density in cities - An indicator of sustainable urbanisation
6 Nov

Anne Holsten

The challenge of a vulnerability analysis for Europe: How to standardize analyses?


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