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Cross cutting activity: Global-Regional Integration of Impact Studies (GRI)

Speakers: Christoph Müller, Valentina Krysanova, Fred Hattermann

The aim of GRI is to explore the potential of linking existing research projects within RD2 that investigate similar research questions at different spatial scales. Given differences in the level of detail in driving input data and mechanisms represented in the models, GRI facilitates model intercomparison across scales to evaluate where and to what extent model projections differ. In case of disagreement, GRI seeks to identify reasons for disagreement in driving data and mechanisms implemented in the models. Findings of the cross-scale model intercomparison will be published and serve as a basis for fund raising. Topics for the global-regional integration of impact studies covered by GRI include modeling of hydrology, agriculture, urban climate and land-use dynamics.

Team members:
Anne Biewald, Katja Frieler, Peggy Gräfe, Fred Hattermann, Valentina Krysanova, Stefan Liersch, Hermann Lotze-Campen, Christoph Müller, Christopher Reyer, Frank Wechsung, Lila Warszawski

A first GRI cross-scale model intercomparison investigates model performance for simulations of discharge in selected river basins that have been covered by regional research projects.

For project internals, see here.

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