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Economic Growth Impacts of Climate Change
March 2016 until February 2020
175.000 € funded by Leibniz-Gemeinschaft: Pakt für Forschung und Innovation. Funding Line 1: Innovative Projects
Hermann Lotze-Campen / Katja Frieler

ENGAGE addresses three challenges: a) to develop sound theoretical understanding and empirical quantification of the channels through which climate impacts may affect long-term growth and development patterns b) to develop new approaches for a bottom-up economic valuation of biophysical impacts bridging the gap between impact and economic models c) the integration of impacts and mitigation in a global dynamic growth framework.

- conceptual and empirical analysis of climate impacts on economic growth - projections of economic damages from flood events and tropical cyclones under climate change - macroeconomic dynamics of climate impacts on land - integrated assessment of climate change impacts and mitigation