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Presentation by Chantal Le Mouël (INRA)

01/19/2017 - Our guest scientist Chantal le Mouël from INRA (SMART-LERECO, Rennes, France) presented CIRAD and INRA's new foresight exercise on 'Land use and food security in 2050'.

Chantal le Mouël has held a presentation with the title: "Agrimonde-Terra, land use and global food security in 2050: A foresight exercise" and follows up on Agrimonde's study on 'World food security in 2050' published in 2011.

The subject is particularly important because of uncertainties about the planet’s capacity to feed a growing population in a context of climate change and ongoing debates regarding land use change trajectories. Five contrasted scenarios were built. Each scenario describes a situation of land use and food security in 2050 and has been translated into a narrative. The impacts of the scenarios in terms of land use, agricultural production and trade have been assessed through quantitative simulations using the biomass balance model GlobAgri-AgT. The five scenarios and their outcomes were then evaluated both quantitatively and qualitatively.

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