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RD2 Seminar on "Climate Services & Solutions"

04/24/2017 - The RD2 Seminar on Climate Services & Solutions took place on April the 24th 2017. Chris Kollas introduced the topic, followed by presentations from Jürgen Kropp, Ines Blumenthal, Frank Wechsung and Bernd Hezel.
RD2 Seminar on "Climate Services & Solutions"

Source: Klimafolgenline

After an introduction from Chris Kollas, the following presentations were held:

  1. What are climate services (J. Kropp)
  2. Climate impacts for German schools - a portal educational web solution (I. Blumenthal)
  3. Data and model-based seasonal predictions of crop yields (F. Wechsung)
  4. Turning climate information into a service (B. Hezel)

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