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COP22 Marrakech Side Event

11/16/2016 - COP22 Side event 'Climate risk insurance as an adaptation tool for the most vulnerable' organized by Christoph Gornott, RD2.
COP22 Marrakech Side Event

Source: C. Gornott

RD2 PhD student Christoph Gornott has organized a side event at the COP22 in Marrakech together with the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative. He presented crop insurance solutions as an adaptation mechanism for smallholder farmers in the face of climate change. The presentation and the following panel discussion with MCII, Munich Re, GIZ, Allianz Climate Solutions and PIK have attracted great interest.


The IPCC AR5, G7 leaders and COP21 have addressed climate risk insurance (CRI) as an important tool to enhance the resilience of the most vulnerable against climate change risks. The side event will specify the relevance of CRI in the context of agricultural insurance solutions and Loss & Damage.

1) Often, a widespread implementation of crop-insurances fails because of an unreliable determination of yield loss claims, notably in Sub-Saharan Africa. If climate-attributable yield losses could be assessed adequately, this information could be used to determine yield loss claims for crop micro-insurances to stabilize smallholder farmers’ incomes and decrease the vulnerability of the food production system.

2) The G7 InsuResilience has the opportunity to change the paradigm of how poor & vulnerable communities manage climate risks. To ensure that CRI contributes to climate-resilient development pathways, it is key to effectively tailor CRI to meet the needs of affected people.

  cop22 panel

Panel discussion (source: C. Gornott)

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